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Create fully customized video experiences your audience will show up for. Host your next all hands, AMA, webinar, or training in minutes with StreamETH.

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Events that used our app

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Customize to
match your brand

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    LANDING PAGECreate your event landing page with your own event brand colors and images.
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    EVENT DATA Show your event schedule and speaker information. Collect event sign ups and keep user in the loop with calendar notifications.
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    EMBEDAll of your landing page components are embeddable on your own website. Embed the schedule, the speaker page, the interactive components or the livestream.
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Create a fun and memorable experience

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    EMOJISParticipants can react instantly without interrupting the flow of the session with a range of emojis.
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    CHATParticipants can send and react to chat messages, GIFS, files and images. Hosts can feature chat messages in a banner overlay to make your audience feel even more involved.
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    Q+AOpen up your Q+A tab to organize questions from your audience. Upvote, promote, mark as answered, or even delete.

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Broadcast live from your favorite tools

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    TOOLS YOU KNOWCoonect google meet, Huddle101 or zoom to our streaming system and go live to thousands of people concurrently.
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    ON-CHAINWe use livepeer for live video delivery, ensuring a private, inmutable and censorship resistant livestream.
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Understand your audience

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    TRACKFind out what part of your event really resonated with the audience through engagement analytics.
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    ON-CHAINUnderstand your users by looking at their on chain activity
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    EXPORTDownload a CSV to add it to the CRM of your choice. Tailor your follow-up based on participation.
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A decentralised video archive

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    PLAYBACK MICROSITEYour landing page turn into a branded micro site where your users can rewatch the event.
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    ON-CHAINVideo is stored on IPFS and SWARM ensuring an inmutable, censorship resistant video archive
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    DOWNLOADYour user can download the videos from anywhere, anytime.
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Use Cases

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Hybrid and Virtual Events

By adding a virtual side to your event, communities reach increases beyond borders, content gets spread across countries and the event gets globally connected.
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Product Launches

Live streaming a product launch drives global engagement, builds authenticity, and creates FOMO, fostering excitement and real-time interaction with a widespread audience.
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Hosting a webinar facilitates in-depth engagement, knowledge sharing, and relationship building, offering a platform for real-time interaction, valuable insights, and the opportunity to establish authority within a specific industry or niche.
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Community Calls

Community calls foster a sense of belonging, encourage meaningful connections, and facilitate collaborative learning, providing a platform for open dialogue, shared experiences, and mutual support within a dedicated group.
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Virtual Meetup

Virtual meetups foster meaningful connections, encourage networking, and facilitate knowledge sharing, providing a platform for engaging discussions, shared experiences, and collaboration, all within a digital space.
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Festival and Parties

RAAVE taught us that parties are also to be streamed, so communities can all vibe together, no matter which borders separate them.

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