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Born to livestream DevConnect AMS, StreamETH is an open-source media company that is transforming Web3 virtual event hosting. Our mission is to streamline the event organization process without the need for event organizers to have technical know-how. Think of StreamETH as the go-to platform for media content, providing seamless hosting and management solutions for virtual, hybrid, and on-site events.

StreamETH leverages Livepeer technology to ensure uninterrupted streaming, providing failover support for both hosts and users. Our commitment to a smooth event experience is reflected in our organizational tools, designed to simplify session management and automate scheduling, enabling a rapid post-production turnover.

Additionally, StreamETH is a marketing studio that provides tailored media content and services. Our expertise lies in creating engaging animations, designing custom templates, and conducting interviews, all aimed at enhancing marketing the virtual media experience.

By safeguarding against censorship, promoting content ownership, and facilitating direct event support, StreamETH responds to the threats of centralized decision making. We are committed to upholding the ideals of a public good, fostering a community-centric approach for the future of virtual events.

Our Team

A group of professionals with extensive experience in event production and media management in both Web2 and Web3.

XanderProduction Lead
aronpipsMarketing Lead
carlotavvCommunications Lead