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Start a livestream, a virtual event, or upload your video onchain and get a sharable link in seconds!

  • Go LiveStart live streaming hassle-free: Connect, Share, Go!
  • Upload VideosCreate curated onchain archives and share them with your audience.
  • Your onchain spaceHost your videos privately or publicly on your channel, onchain.
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Repurpose your content immediately, share it and capitalize on it!

  • Clip your ContentTransform your livestreams into edited videos in seconds.
  • Transform into NFTsOffer video collectibles to your audience for an experience to remember.
  • Add subtitlesAllow for subtitles to increase video accessibility, inclusivity and engagement.
  • Create transcriptsTranscripts offer accessibility, SEO benefits, content repurposing, topic analysis, and summarization.
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Publish, everywhere, instantly.

  • Your Custom WebsiteBrand your channel, add your domain address and publish on your onchain space!
  • White Labeled PlayerShow videos or livestreams maintaining your brand identity.
  • Embed AnywhereEmbed all videos, livestreams and schedules to your website.
  • Publish on SocialsDon't miss out on reach from other social media platforms. Cross-publish with one click!
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Go above and beyond by monetizing on your content!

  • Custom CTAs on VideosDirect your audience with links and CTAs on your videos.
  • Token Gated ContentRestrict access to your videos requiring users to possess or purchase tokens or digital assets.
  • Sell ContentMonetize your digital content by offering it for sale to users or subscribers.
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Use Cases

Hybrid and Virtual Events

Adding a virtual side to events connects communities globally and spreads content across borders.

Product Launches

Live streaming a product launch boosts global engagement, authenticity, and FOMO, creating excitement and real-time interaction with a broad audience.


Hosting a webinar enables engagement, sharing knowledge, and building relationships, offering real-time interaction, insights, and authority in an industry.

Community Calls

Community calls foster belonging, encourage connections, facilitate learning, and provide a platform for dialogue and shared experiences.

Virtual Meetups

Virtual meetups promote connections, networking, knowledge sharing, discussions, experiences, and collaboration in a digital space.

Festival and Parties

RAAVE taught us that parties are also to be streamed, so communities can all vibe together, no matter which borders separate them.

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What people say

The Future of Events Streaming.

StreamETH is a flagship project in the Livepeer ecosystem, as the leading provider of end-to-end IRL events production and online streaming services to web3 communities, organizations and businesses, constantly innovating with the latest decentralized media technologies.
Shannon WellsHead of Ecosystem, Livepeer

Effortless Event Management!

I can't believe how easy StreamETH made things: Running a livestream for an event at Art Basel with multiple sessions can be tricky, but with StreamETH it was effortless. People from around the world were able to join us, listen in, and do it in an onchain native way. Amazing!
Drew CoffmanHead of Social - Base

Great partners!

It has been a great experience collaborating with the SteamETH team on multiple occasions. They have consistently been incredibly helpful, accommodating, and professional. Their dedication to advancing decentralized streaming and recording is next level!
EnikoIpsilon team, EVM Summit