The complete solution to organize your virtual or hybrid event

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Used in top tier events

StreamETH was used to run Devcon 2022, which had over 60000 live views

Multi stage setup

Host multiple stages that go live concurrently

Post event archive

Maintain a organized video archive so that you users can re-watch the livestreamed content

Integrate your data

Sync speaker, schedule and session data from multiple sources like notion or pretalx with our premade integrations

Open source

StreamETH is being built in the open. You can freely clone the application, modify and self-host a streameth instance for free


Thanks to the open source model, you can own your platform and fully customize it for your events

For the community

This platform was build by the ethereum community to help web3 communities decouple from centralized platform such as youtube or twitch

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Web3 super powers

Leverage decentralized technologies to create open, fair and censorship resistant event experiences

Video powered by Livepeer

Built-in decentralized video distribution powered by the livepeer protocol

Unstoppable video on demand

Archive video content on IPFS or Swarm for immutable, censorship resistant video

Extended via plugins

Create unique user experiences by enabling Web3 features such as wallet sign-in, speaker donations and more with the plugin system

Created by industry leaders

The StreamETH team is made out of AV professionals with years of experience in the event production industry. If your community requires live video production, video post production, video reel creation or any other service, we can help you