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Swarm 2.0 - The Winter Solstice Event


17:00 - CET


Swarm Foundation is proud to announce the launch of Swarm 2.0; the network that is ready to serve as a foundation for a self-sovereign digital society.

Join us on 21 December, 17.00 CET, aligning with the winter solstice, as we usher in the rebirth of the Sun and the dawn of Swarm's enhanced capabilities.

What to expect?

Swarm Foundation team members will provide an overview of Swarm 2.0 features and capabilities. They will explore the exponential network growth and the ongoing Great Data Upload, discuss the future, community engagement, and decentralised AI. Additionally, the event will showcase some of the projects within Swarm’s Ecosystem and reveal partnerships and collaborations that align with a shared vision of the digital future.